Project: Supporting the Public Broadcaster and Independent Online Media

Internews maintains a strong track record of providing technical assistance to the Kyrgyz Public TV and Radio (KPTR) and introducing new media and social networking tools to promote peace and reconciliation. Internews runs a 36-month project, “Improved Information Resources in Kyrgyzstan: Supporting the Public Service Broadcaster and Independent Online Media.” We believe that if Kyrgyzstan media delivers accurate and impartial news and information, then citizens of Kyrgyzstan have access to information that promotes stability and reconciliation, reducing the chance of a future conflict.

The project works based on two objectives:
➢ Increase the capacity of KPTR as a Public Service Broadcaster to bridge citizens and government
➢ Expand alternative media and information sources.

Project Activities:

• Include a set of multi-faceted interventions, such a different types of analysis and recommendations, trainings, one-on-one mentoring, town-hall meetings with KPTR audience as part of wider communication efforts and involvement of the public into decision making, study tours, overhaul of KPTR’s structure, ideology, and professional preparedness, regular meetings and discussions with all actors involved leading to buy-in into the reform, as well as with allies of reform in order to promote PSB reforms.
Empower KPTR to lead its own financial, organizational, and technical reforms to ensure key senior staff is committed to fundamental change and capable of effectively managing change.
Integrate new media technologies and expand partners’ audiences by setting up a convergent newsroom at KPTR and working with new media partners to enable them to use the latest technologies to foster interactivity with audiences.
• Internews will ensure that its partners integrate gender considerations into program content, internal policies and practices, decision-making processes, and leadership structures.

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