Expert consultation on communication strategy of public broadcaster

An Estonian Expert Indrek Treufeldt conducted consultations on communication strategy for the management and staff of the PTRC (Public TV and Radio Corporation). Expert discussed functions and objectives of internal and external communications, principles of building communication with employees, the main channels of communication and the communication strategy of the public broadcaster during the workshops. Treufeldt met with representatives of the Supervisory Board of the PTRC including Tamara Dzhamanbayeva and Tynchtykbek Chorotegin. He worked with Meerim Asanaly, Head of the International Department, Zarima Rysbekova, Head of the Human Resources Department, and Nurgul Zhumabaeva, Chief of Financial Analysis Division. In addition, the expert had the opportunity to work on the structure of communication strategy of the broadcaster with Chief of Staff Ruslan Asanbek lulu.

Treufeldt noted that PTRC has interesting projects on Internet communications, well-designed website, and established work on social media. The expert suggests that PTRC needs to build an integrated system of internal communication with employees, so that each employee must be informed of all developments and changes. According to him, this information should be distributed horizontally. Treufeldt explained that horizontal communication is the type of communication that allows direct coordination between employees and the management. The expert has noted that at the moment the communication is being implemented chaotically, through heads of various departments (video).

Another major shortcoming identified by Treufeldt is the insufficient communication with different regions. The expert suggested that to have reporters in every region in order to ensure nationwide broadcast. Moreover, Treufeldt insists that reports related to regions should appear in the morning programs so that rural residents do not feel that the life evolves only around Bishkek. Treufeldt highlighted the importance of broadcasting government policies and events, however, suggested to look for alternative non-political ways of communication with people. For example, he proposed to broadcast more social events such as cleaning the streets etc. Finally, Treufedt noted that relying on rating and the audience feedback can be harmful since the research is conducted once every quarter and trends are also very unreliable.

Moreover, the expert proposed PTRC to make agreements with major mass media companies, whose video material is borrowed while making international news. This measure is necessary for professional exchange of “visual material. The expert praised the existing cooperation between PTRC with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) in this regard related to the internal and external communication system of PTRC.

According to the expert, the public broadcaster should take an active part in the social life of the community by organizing various social and charity events and involve the public into these social activities.

Moreover, Treufeldt recommended that the audience research should be conducted more often than once a year in order to be aware of public mood regarding certain TV program or existing trends.

Indrek Treufeldt has more than 20 years of experience as a journalist and media trainer. He consulted the management of the Estonian Public Broadcasting Corporation (EPBC) and was responsible for the development of strategic documents such as the annual development plan. Treufeldt is a member of the Program Management Committee of EPBC, the body of professionals on the analysis of television programs and decision making related to the implementation and development of new creative projects. He has a PhD in the field of mass media and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Tartu. Currently, he also works as a lecturer at the Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University.

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