Foreign consultant on the role of social media in a democracy

An expert on public broadcasting Boris Bergant (Slovenia) will be arriving in Bishkek on 17 December 2012 in Bishkek. Foreign consultant will meet with Kyrgyzstani Parliament, the Government, President’s Administration as well as the leadership of PTRC. Also, the expert will be visiting a number of universities on public lectures and public media.

Foreign consultant on the role of social media in a democratic state Boris Bergant – President of the Media organizations in South-Eastern Europe (SEEMO), author of the strategy of development of a public company Teleradio-Moldova and the representative of the Republic of Slovenia in the various media committees.

We offer you a short interview, which we managed to take before his arrival .

– Why is it necessary to create public media?
– Today we are living in an era of informational overload. The large flow of information from different (foreign and domestic) sources often gives the audience frustration and bewilderment: regarding the credibility of these sources. And in this case, public media serves the needs of society and understands their needs. It is independent of the political interests of individual and takes into account the pluralism of political trends in the state, and thus can provide a stable dialogue and democracy in society.

– What role does the public TV in the socio -political life of the country ?
– Public TV allows citizens to respond to the current problems in the state and to voice their views and opinions. It is also the best platform for the expression of different views of political parties and civil society. The credibility of the public broadcaster is based on its independence from political and economic pressure. The purpose of the public broadcaster is not profit. The public broadcaster should earn sufficient funds to carry out demanding tasks. Also, it is obliged to carry out effective management, ensure cost transparency and ensure the quality of the programs meets the needs of audience.

– What are the benefits to the people from public TV?
– The population has a lot of benefits from public TV: the quality of content, the ability to actively participate in the governance and representation of pluralism. The public broadcaster reflects the needs of all ethnic and other minorities in the community and gives them the opportunity to express their views and communicate with the majority. It creates and develops national identity and promoting ethical values in society.

Representation of Internews Network in the Kyrgyz Republic carries a 3-year project aimed at strengthening the capacity and capability of the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Kyrgyzstan (PTRC).

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