OTRK: Tender for the supply of automation system of news release

The project “Development of Information Resources in Kyrgyzstan: support for public broadcasting” is aimed at strengthening the capacities and capabilities of the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Kyrgyzstan (OTRK) and holding a tender for the supply of automation system of news release.

Deadline for applications is February, 06, 2015.

Terms of Reference:

Functional system on following modules:

1) Work with texts (the principle of a traffic light on the stage of preparedness materials):
• creating and updating text;
• coordination and approval of texts;
• preparation and layout release;
• transfer to prompter;
• tagging and division of materials into categories.

2) The assessment of error rates and adjustments in the text (for statistical efficiency journalists writing texts).

3) The planning of repetitions and deferred materials (piggy bank).

4) The use of video:
• attaching the video to the texts;
• running of the reconciliation process;
• adding titles;
• adding comments on mounting markers.

5) The director’s module for building playlists.

6) Module of conducting reference (complex terms, initials, names of organizations, etc.).

7) Module of archive:
• logging;
• the search for materials by keyword, tags and categories;
• ability to archive the video before and after the installation version (ie version before assigning titles and on-air version).

8) The module of reports:
• formation of statistical reports by categories of materials, production volume correspondents, keywords and tags and others;
• reporting on the effectiveness of correspondents based on the statistics per cent of errors and adjustments;
• reporting on the periods;
• and other forms of reports.

9) The external internet module:
• sending text and video materials for approval of correspondents through authorization;
• remote check by editor in chief/ Director General of the layout materials.

10) Module of internal chat.

11) Module of administrator:
• introduction of new and editing of news categories;
• assignment of authority;
• establishing new users;
• other functions of administrator.

Technical characteristics: compatible with broadcast automation Air Box and installation software Edius.

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