Engineer: News Outlets in Kyrgyzstan broadcast through half-century old equipment

News outlets in Kyrgyzstan broadcast through half-century old equipment, warned KyrgyzTelecom Television and radio broadcasting relay committee’s chairman Jenish Osmonkulov on 21 April.

He added that public broadcasting was an important strategic component of national and State security.

Jenish Osmonkulov explained that broadcasting in Kyrgyzstan was provided through a series of 67 stations, some of which were located at an altitude varying from 2,500 to 4,000m.

“This technical structure includes some very outdated material – antennas, diesel generators – sometimes dating back to 1960. In our times we have asked to allocate part of the funds to their modernization, but the previous direction did not even bother to visit the stations and look at their state,” regrets Mr. Osmonkulov. “Means were taken away from our income, and loans dedicated to fiber-optic communication repaid.”

He told that “immediate and complete substitution of the equipment was impossible,” but ensured that a modernization plan had been made along with the framework for digital broadcasting.

“Those stations that will host digital transmitters will be completely renovated, heated and illuminated. In all, only 30 are needed to successfully install the equipment if they fully embrace digital communication technology.”

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