Kyrgyzstan has officially launched digital broadcasting

June 17, 2015 marks the official commencement of the “Geneva-2006” agreement. The latter states that TV channels based on analog broadcasting are losing international protection. It is also on this day that the Kyrgyz Republic has officially launched the second multiplex for digital broadcasting, based on the DVB-T2 standard.

Kyrgyz PM Temir Saryev reminded that Kyrgyzstan is a signatory of the treaty on the introduction of digital broadcasting. The transition to digital broadcasting will provide public access to brand new and quality television.

At this stage, the Kyrgyz Republic has completed two of the four steps necessary for digital land broadcasting on the first multiplex. It has also separately started working on the second multiplex.

The expected coverage on the Kyrgyz territory for the first multiplex is as follows: within stage I 59% of the population, stage II (June 2015) – 79%, stage III (November 2015) – 88% and stage IV (September 2016) – 95%.

Contrary to analog television, digital broadcasting will significantly increase the quality and quantity of programs included in the free package. On the long term, it will allow users to access new technologies regarding multimedia and interactive services.

300 million KGS were allocated to this transition to digital broadcasting. An additional 154 million KGS are dedicated to parallel broadcasting during this transition period.

Original texts in russian are here and here.

Photo: Soros – Kyrgyzstan

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