The project serves to bridge the gap between the country’s civil society (CS) and media community to make them start working together on building a society based on rule of law. During the past decade, media and CS have been increasingly divided because of the lack of proper communication and common vision of the checks-and-balances system where both institutions have the role to play in the name of the common man.


  • The project created an anticorruption platformwith its partner, Kloop Media Foundation, at, for the public to submit their complaints related to human rights violations in all areas. The platform is designed to become a source of information for potential journalistic investigations. It is gradually becoming more popular through the word of mouth and due to journalistic investigations based on information submitted by the readers. Journalistic investigations are published on the platform as well;


  • Media and civil society networkis established for all interested journalists, civic activists and NGOs. So far, during its monthly meetings members discussed submissions to the aforementioned platform, share knowledge and insights on how to develop independent media conducive to rule of law in the country;


  • The project is conducting two types of journalism trainings:
    • Training for trainers on investigative journalism (ToT) conducted by the international seasoned journalism trainer Oleg Khomenok (Internews Ukraine); and
    • Introductory level investigative journalism trainings conducted by the ToT graduates for both journalists and civil society activists / bloggers.

This approach helps the project build local capacities and “mainstream” journalistic skills, competencies and values to the wider milieu of society;

  • Grants component will be launched to motivate and generate quality j-investigations done by teams that combine both journalists and CS representatives.

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