7 Quotes of Thomas Lansner Regarding Interconnections Between Government, Media, And Civil Society Organizations

The Project Director of “Media initiative in the area of a social accountability” of the Aga Khan Institute in Nairobi spoke about international experiences of interactions between government, media, and civil society IMG_9142-2 (CSOs) in that strengthen social accountability. The meeting took place with experts at a round table entitled “CSOs, media and government within the social accountability strengthening and anti-corruption: opponents or allies?”

“People have a voice and CSOs have a voice, but the media have a megaphone”.

“The role of the media is to serve as a watchdog”.

“We need to establish confidence. Confidence cannot be one-sided. We are not talking about the same group trusting each other; we are talking about the confidence among all groups towards each other”.

“In this case, as it was in the fight against corruption, it is extremely important to know how your money is spent. When people begin to realize that it is their own money, they begin to demonstrate more interest in order to find out how the money is spent”.

“The media should play a greater role. They should not make just one report on corruption. They should talk about it over and over again until the fight against corruption becomes a priority at the state level”.

“The main goal of social accountability is to provide people with knowledge as well as to provide an opportunity to talk about their demands”.

“I believe that the media can successfully operate with civil society organizations, as well as with governmental organizations in order to reflect any positive effects in our lives”.


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