The Results of KPRT Strategic Functioning Study 

November 28, 2013. Author: Editor. Section:  Breaking News, Internews News, Support of Public Broadcasting. Tags: Internews,  Audit, Supporting Public Broadcaster. 

In the final stages of Development Strategy of the KPRT issues such as human capital management, structural changes, regulations and indicators of information supply were emphasized. The report recommends following management tools, which would allow the KPRT to firmly implement the Development Strategy on continuous basis.

The final report contains a step-by-step plan of action to solve the identified problems and assess resources that were presented to the KPRT:

– To implementation set strategies;
– To improve the organizational management;
– To clarify the internal regulations and reporting;
– To regulate management that strives to achieve results.

First, the management and consultants identified KPRT’s functional strategic direction identifying:  content and technical support, financial management, and human resources management.

The four areas of the functional strategy determine the sequence of the KPRT’s Development Strategy and specify the steps that must be taken to reach goals. First, common goals and objectives for the implementation of the Strategy should be translated into a Development Action Plan. Then, a “grading system” should be implemented in order to organize operational activities in accordance with the long-term goals and should take into consideration subsequent monitoring in the future. Use of the Balanced Scorecard Technology Management System [ССП] is being proposed in order to effectively implement the Strategy. The report includes recommendations on the use of the System [ССП] in the Corporation by using the Development Strategy and Action Plan.


The Strategic Functioning analysis of the KPRT was conducted by a consulting Kappa Group with cooperation of Internews Network supporting public broadcasting in the Kyrgyz Republic.